Shape Perception as Bayesian Inference - Supplementary Materials

This page contains the supplementary materials for our paper

Erdogan G., Jacobs R. A. (in prep.) Shape Perception as Bayesian Inference of 3D Object-centered Representations.

Code for our 3D shape inference model is available online at

Paperclip Stimuli

Here we provide the full set of paperclip stimuli used in our view-dependency simulations.

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5
s6 s7 s8 s9 s10

Experimental Stimuli

In the paper, we only show one example stimuli. Below you can see the full set of 90 images used in the experiment. Variations cs: change part size, ap: add part, rp: remove part, mf: change docking face of part. d2 (depth 2) and d3 (depth 3) refer to the level at which the manipulation is applied.

Base cs d2 cs d3 ap d2 ap d3 rp d2 rp d3 mf d2 mf d3
o1 o1csd1 o1csd2 o1apd1 o1apd2 o1rpd1 o1rpd2 o1mfd1 o1mfd2
o2 o2csd1 o2csd2 o2apd1 o2apd2 o2rpd1 o2rpd2 o2mfd1 o2mfd2
o3 o3csd1 o3csd2 o3apd1 o3apd2 o3rpd1 o3rpd2 o3mfd1 o3mfd2
o4 o4csd1 o4csd2 o4apd1 o4apd2 o4rpd1 o4rpd2 o4mfd1 o4mfd2
o5 o5csd1 o5csd2 o5apd1 o5apd2 o5rpd1 o5rpd2 o5mfd1 o5mfd2
o6 o6csd1 o6csd2 o6apd1 o6apd2 o6rpd1 o6rpd2 o6mfd1 o6mfd2
o7 o7csd1 o7csd2 o7apd1 o7apd2 o7rpd1 o7rpd2 o7mfd1 o7mfd2
o8 o8csd1 o8csd2 o8apd1 o8apd2 o8rpd1 o8rpd2 o8mfd1 o8mfd2
o9 o9csd1 o9csd2 o9apd1 o9apd2 o9rpd1 o9rpd2 o9mfd1 o9mfd2
o10 o10csd1 o10csd2 o10apd1 o10apd2 o10rpd1 o10rpd2 o10mfd1 o10mfd2



Here are some more examples of samples from our model.

Input Sample1 Sample2   Input Sample1 Sample2
o1apd1 o1apd1s1 o1apd1s2   o1csd1 o1csd1s1 o1csd1s2
o2mfd1 o2mfd1s1 o2mfd1s2   o2rpd2 o2rpd2s1 o2rpd2s2
o3csd1 o3csd1s1 o3csd1s2   o10rpd1 o10rpd1s1 o10rpd1s2
o5apd1 o5apd1s1 o5apd1s2   o6mfd1 o6mfd1s1 o6mfd1s2
o9csd2 o9csd2s1 o9csd2s2   o9rpd2 o9rpd2s1 o9rpd2s2